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Welcome to Carmania LLC,


I would like to personally thank you for showing interest in one of our vehicles.

  • Prices posted are non-negotiable, hassle free, 90 Day Warranty inclusive. Our Prices are REAL. I emphasize this, because in the State of Virginia, Used Car Sales are regulat- ed by the Motor Vehicle Dealer Board (mvdb.virginia.gov) and False Advertising is illegal and punishable by law. Other States are NOT regulated by a governmental office, therefore Car dealers in states like New Jersey, New York and Florida, price their vehicles on websites like Cargurus.com, Autotrader.com, at prices below their costs as bait to generate "a lead". This is unethical and unfair. They would never sell the car at their advertised price. Don't get fooled. O ur prices are the absolute lowest in the Automotive in- dustry. That is why we have a 4.9 star rating on our Google Reviews. Carmania is based on Trust, Integrity and Honesty.
  • Facility is sanitized after each appointment (That is why we urge you to set an appointment first by following this Appointment Link). We prefer email contact.
  • Our inventory is accurately updated live, so if you see the car on our Website that means it is available.
  • If you are not sure about financing and you have not secured funds for the vehicle, please Apply for Financing now. We offer three options:
    • (a) For well qualified customers (670 FICO and up) we offer direct credit union financing with "Chartway Federal Credit Union", APR's starting as low as 2.9%.
    • (b) For customers with (670 FICO or below) we offer direct lending through "Westlake Financial Services", APR's starting from 7% and minimum required down pay-ments at 15% of the selling price of the vehicle (Proof of income and residence are required).
    • (c) For customers with extreme credit challenges we offer inhouse financing, Interest rates are high and Down payments typically start from 35% of the selling price andgo up (Proof of income and residence are NOT required).

    If you do not know what your FICO score is on your Credit Report you may obtain a FREE copy from Credit Karma.

  • Every vehicle has been serviced and has a current Virginia State inspection. It comes with a 90 Day-3,000 Miles Limited Dealer Warranty, that for an additional cost may be ex- tended up to 36 months-36,000 miles (see details). CarGurus estimated retail price is located to the right of each car's main photo, as well as the free Carfax report that we of- fer.
  • In order to be able to offer our customers such Low Prices we have eliminated the "Salespeople's position". We offer multiple high quality photos, a 360º degrees interior and ex- terior view and our latest unique feature, our own "Virtual Test Drive" of each vehicle.
  • To protect those who are more vulnerable to the COVID-19 pandemic, we offer an online "DOCUSIGN" feature that enables you to purchase a vehicle from your home and have the vehicle delivered at your doorstep [First fifty (50) miles are absolutely free]. For longer deliveries the "Delivery Rate" will be discussed and agreed upon prior to the sale. We sell and deliver cars in continental United States.
  • Sales & business tax, registration, title, DMV Online filing and Dealer Processing fee of $595.00 are NOT included in the selling price of the vehicle. For an "Out the Door Price" or requesting of a "Bill of Sale" for your Bank and/or Credit Union please contact us.

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