Pick a vehicle that fulfill your needs from our inventory.

Calculate the total amount that you will be needing to purchase the vehicle of your choice.

A Bill of Sale is available for you here: Create New Bill of Sale.

Delivery charges are calculate as follows: First 50 miles are FREE. After that is $2.00 per mile, charged ONE WAY only. So you may calculate the cost of delivery by using Google maps, to calculate what is the distance from our Dealership to your house. Then subtract 50 miles and the remaining distance, if any, multiply by $2.00 per mile, and take that total and place is on the “Home Delivery” space, in the Bill of Sale.

Once you have determined the total amount you would need to borrow, if any, it is time to decide which Financial Institution would be the right one for you. If you are not sure about financing and you have not secured funds for the vehicle, please Apply for Financing now. We offer three options:

  • For well qualified customers (670 FICO and up) we offer direct credit union financing with “Chartway Federal Credit Union”, APR’s starting as low as 2.9%.
  • For customers with (670 FICO or below) we offer direct lending through “Westlake Financial Services”, APR’s starting from 7% and minimum required down payments at 15% of the selling price of the vehicle (Proof of income and residence are required).
  • For customers with extreme credit challenges we offer Buy Here-Pay Here Financing, Interest rates are high and Down payments typically start from 35% of the selling price and up (Proof of income and residence are NOT required).If you do not know what your FICO score is on your Credit Report you may obtain a FREE copy from Credit Karma.

If you are ready to move on with your purchase contact us at: 757-578-2398 and a completed Bill of Sale will be emailed to you via DOCUSIGN. Once you digitally sign all the documents, depending on the Financing type, Lender and/or Cash, the vehicle will be loaded and delivered outside your door.

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